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Ra.One is a 2011 Indian science fiction superhero film directed by Anubhav Sinha, and starring Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Rampal, Kareena Kapoor, Armaan Verma, Shahana Goswami and Tom Wu in pivotal roles.The script, written by Anubhav Sinha and Kanika Dhillon, originated as an idea that Anubhav Sinha got when he saw a television commercial, and which he subsequently expanded. The film follows Shekhar Subramanium (Shah Rukh Khan), a game designer who creates a motion sensor-based game in which the antagonist (Ra.One) is more powerful than the protagonist (G.One). The former escapes from the game's virtual world and enters the real world; his aim is to kill Lucifer, the game ID of Shekhar's son and the only player to have challenged Ra.One's power. Relentlessly pursued, the family is forced to bring out G.One from the virtual world to defeat Ra.One and protect them.

Principal photography began in March 2010 and took place in India and the United Kingdom, and was overseen by an international crew. The post-production involved 3-D conversion and the application of visual effects, the latter being recognised as a technological breakthrough among Indian films. With a budget of ₹150 crore (US$22 million), inclusive of publicity costs, Ra.One was one of the most expensive Indian films at the time of release. The producers spent ₹150 crore (US$22 million) out of a ₹52 crore (US$7.7 million) marketing budget, which involved a nine-month publicity campaign, brand tie-ups, merchandise, video games and viral marketing.

Ra.One was initially scheduled to release on 3 June 2011, but delays due to a lengthy post-production process and escalating costs pushed back the release date. The film also faced controversies involving plagiarism, content leaks and copyright challenges. Consequently, Ra.One was theatrically released on 26 October 2011, the beginning of the five-day Diwali weekend, in 2D, 3D and dubbed versions, with three international premieres being held between October 24 & 26, 2011. The film witnessed the largest international theatrical release for an Indian film as of 2011, and was preceded by high audience and commercial expectations.

Upon release, Ra.One received mixed reviews, with critics praising the visuals and music, but criticising the script and direction. Commercially, the film became the third highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2011 domestically, the highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2011 worldwide, and broke a number of opening box office records, though it failed to sustain at the box office after its extended opening weekend. Although the film earned more than Rs 170 crores it was still not considered as a hit film as the distributors failed to recover their investment.[3] The film subsequently won a number of awards for its technical aspects, notably one National Film Award, one Filmfare Award and four International Indian Film Academy Awards.

Shekhar Subramanium (Shah Rukh Khan), a game designer who works for the London-based Barron Industries, has delivered a number of commercial failures; an irate Barron (Dalip Tahil) gives him his last chance to develop a successful game. To impress his sceptical son Prateek (Armaan Verma), and upon the request of his wife Sonia (Kareena Kapoor), Shekhar uses his son's idea that the antagonist should be more powerful than the protagonist. His colleague, computer programmer Jenny (Shahana Goswami), uses Shekhar's face as a model for that of the game's protagonist G.One (Shah Rukh Khan) (Technically Good One and in Hindi Jeevan, which means life), while the shape-shifting antagonist Ra.One (Technically Random Access Version One and in Hindi Ravan, a mythical demon)[4] is made faceless. Another colleague, Akashi (Tom Wu), implements the characters' movements. The game, named Ra.One, contains three levels, the final level being the only one in which either character can be killed. Each character possesses a special device – the H.A.R.T (Hertz Amplifying Resonance Transmitter) which gives them their powers. Upon reaching the last level, the characters gain a gun with one bullet; the other character can be killed by this bullet but only if his H.A.R.T is attached.

When Ra.One undergoes final tests, Akashi notices unusual glitches but chooses to ignore them. When the game is officially launched, it receives a standing ovation from the audience; an enamored Prateek insists on playing it immediately. He logs in under the ID Lucifer and proceeds to the second level, but is interrupted by Akashi. Ra.One, unable to end his turn with Lucifer and angry that a player has proceeded so far, becomes determined that Lucifer will die. He uses a wireless technology (which Jenny had introduced in a conference) to enter the real world, a process which causes the mainframe to malfunction. Akashi informs Shekhar, who partially understands the situation and rushes home, fearing for his son's life. Meanwhile, Ra.One murders Akashi and assumes his appearance; he goes to find Lucifer, and meets Shekhar in the process. In an attempt to save his son, Shekhar claims that he is Lucifer, but his lie is exposed when Ra.One scans his identity card. Consequently, Ra.One kills Shekhar and makes it look like a car accident.

Sonia, devastated after Shekhar's death, tells Prateek that the family will return to India after Shekhar's funeral. A suspicious Prateek notices digital patterns on the fateful road and realises that Ra.One has come to life. He convinces Jenny of the same when they see the destroyed game laboratory, and the latter tries to bring G.One into the real world. Meanwhile, Ra.One, having taken the form of Akashi, kills Akashi's mother viciously at his family home and chases the family on their way to the airport, but G.One enters the real world and causes a gas explosion which temporarily destroys Ra.One. G.One takes Ra.One's H.A.R.T. and accompanies the family to Mumbai after Sonia realises that she needs him.

Subsequently, Ra.One returns to life, takes the form of a billboard model (Arjun Rampal), and tracks down G.One to Prateek's birthday party. Hypnotising Sonia, he assumes her form to kidnap Prateek. Ra.One then instructs G.One to give him his H.A.R.T. back, and sends the real Sonia in a malfunctioning local train. The train crashes into the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, but G.One saves Sonia in time. To save Prateek, he returns to the virtual world and fights Ra.One; both reach the third level, the former left with little power. G.One tricks Ra.One into shooting him without his H.A.R.T. attached, leaving Ra.One helpless; furious, the latter creates ten copies of himself. Prateek, unable to identify the real Ra.One, asks G.One to quote Shekhar: "If you join the forces of evil, its shadows shall always follow you". The duo realise that only one of the ten Ra.Ones has a shadow: the original one. G.One shoots and destroys him, absorbs Ra.One's remains and disappears.

Six months later, Prateek and Sonia return to London, where the former manages to restore G.One to the real world.

"Ra.One is the modern, new age technology version of our mythological "Raavan," who was a mixture of ten different evil characters. I am essaying the role of G.One or better say "Jeevan," a superhero who saves the mankind from Ra.One's torment. Through this film, I want to prove that Indian superheroes can also be as cool as the international ones."[25]

—Shahrukh Khan on Ra.One
According to director Anubhav Sinha, the idea of Ra.One originated when he saw an advertisement on television which showed children remotely controlling a human. He was attracted to the concept and wrote a script based on it.[6][20] Sinha then approached Khan, who liked the story and decided to produce the film under his production company Red Chillies Entertainment.[6] Sinha was apprehensive of retaining Khan's support after the former's previous film Cash (2007) became a commercial failure, but Khan reportedly "remained unchanged".[6]

Shahrukh Khan felt that the film possessed significant commercial potential,[26] in addition to being a fulfilment of his "childhood dream" to be a superhero and to fly.[27] He stated that he wanted to "make a film that gives me the right to deserve the iconic status that I've got for 20 years."[28] He also said that he wanted to make a film dedicated to father-son relationships, which were, in his opinion, "neglected" in Bollywood.[29] Khan's idea was to make a simple family drama which expanded into an action film.[30] He declined to make the film in English to increase its appeal for Western audiences, feeling that "cracking Hollywood on their terms" was unnecessary.[15] Both Khan and Sinha credited their children for providing encouragement, and regularly "approving" the film's execution.[6]

Red Chillies Entertainment continued to work on other projects before finalising the production aspects of Ra.One.[31] After providing the visual effects for My Name Is Khan (2010), the studio focused solely on Ra.One and did not take up any other films.[32] Khan initially approached a number of directors to helm the film, including Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar, but they declined;[33] eventually, Sinha was made the film's director. To prepare the film's premises and characterisation, Sinha spent several months viewing video clips, digital art portals and comic books.[26] Sinha and Khan also watched around 200 superhero films from all over the world.[34] The storyboards were designed by Atul Chouthmal, who was contracted after he met Khan at Yash Raj Studios. While the former began work on the storyboards, the producers hired a storyboard artist from Hollywood. Chouthmal revealed that Khan and the other artist differed on their visions of the film, and so he was brought back.[35] Before filming, Khan reportedly took tips from actor Kamal Hassan regarding the production of large-scale films, having been impressed by Hassan's Dasavathaaram (2008).[36]

"I have always felt this – and even Alfred Hitchcock said that in a movie, which has a larger than life hero, the villain's role should be very strong. So, I [also] felt [that] if the villain looks good, the superhero will also look good."[37]

—Shahrukh Khan, on the title of the film
The title of the film received significant media attention due to it being the name of the antagonist rather than the protagonist.[38] The move was considered innovative,[39] and noted as a sign of the "rising importance of the villain in Bollywood."[40] According to Sinha, the title had not been planned as such, and was ultimately chosen because Ra.One "sounded cooler" than G.One.[41] Khan was advised to name the film after his own character; he declined to do so, citing the inter-dependence between good and evil.[42] He also called Alfred Hitchcock as his inspiration, and pointed out that the antagonists in films like Sholay, Mr. India and Sadak were better remembered than the protagonists.[37][38]

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